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A number of online casino titles have been launched recently to life. New online slot machines were released consistently over the last four months. This article focuses on the different versions of the last game. Transformers slots title is inspired by the groundbreaking 1980s cartoon. This exciting online slots title has a fantastic collection of figures for the cartoon, including Bumblebee and Megatron. The online casino game also offers a free spins feature amazing fighting two recognizable figures on the screen to see. The Dungeons and Dragons game machine is a successful online casino operators. This exciting title inspired based on the fantastic board game and includes a selection of familiar character and symbols. The online slots game includes a variety of famous paintings including the copper dragon. Amazing payouts have been claimed in this fantastic title, and there is a collection of various ways to huge payouts to win. The online slot machine also features a unique bonus round, the players play as one of the iconic characters to understand. The Rainbow Riches slots title has impressed players after the publication recently. This amazing book is based on the fantastic Rainbow Riches slots series and features a variety of exciting and recognizable features. Online casino players will recognize, the merry goblin out of the game and the two fantastic online slots bonuses. The battleship slots game is an exciting online casino game on the famous Marine board game. The title has guest appearances by traditional Battleship boats. The battleship game slots, two highly entertaining bonus rounds for online casino players. Massive multipliers in the armored cruiser slots free spins game be made. Online slots players have the opportunity to enjoy a classic game of Battleship in the second bonus feature. Massive cash prices by online casino players are asserted in two bonus rounds.